Steve Oltman Golf School Established in 1992 Waltz Golf Farm 303 West Ridge Pike Limerick, PA 19468
Steve Oltman Golf SchoolEstablished in 1992 Waltz Golf Farm303 West Ridge PikeLimerick, PA  19468

Clinics will not be offered in 2022 due to Doug relocating to North Carolina.


          Unlimited sessions for 2021!!

Our popular golf clinic sessions are continuing this year.  In the past, we have offerred these sessions for $40 each and also package prices.  In 2016, we started to offer two choices, individual sessions for $40 each and UNLIMITED SESSIONS for $199!!  

This is a potential value of over $1500!!


We will continue to schedule at least 30 sessions each year from May to August.  Our complete schedule is posted below.  Please follow all registration guidelines.  If people do not register, a session will be cancelled.  We will also follow all Covid guidelines at the time of each session.  Guidelines change constantly, so we will stay current with them and be safe at all times!  The maximum number of students allowed in each session will follow current CDC guidelines.  Maximum is 12, please bring a mask in case guidelines change and the facility requires a mask to be worn.


Just click on button at top of screen to register for the 2021 Season.  Don't delay, we are again limiting the number of participants this season due to the Unlimited Pass.  We want everyone to have a chance to participate.  We will only offer 50 Unlimited passes this year!


2021 Schedule & Class Descriptions:


Full Swing  - (FS) Will cover the fundamentals of the grip, stance, address, and alignment.

Also will cover the basic principles of the swing; takeaway, turn, weight transfer, impact, and follow thru.  

Instruction will be differentiated on a student by student basis determined by individual skill set and experience.


Putting - (P) Will cover the basic putting skills to include grip, stance, and swing.  We will discuss different putting styles including grip and stances.  We will also learn to "read greens" with regard to speed and slope.


Chipping - (C) Will cover the basic skills of grip, stance, and swing and will learn to use a variety of clubs depending on your situation.


Class Registration:  DUE TO CORONAVIRUS: Maximum number of students in each class is 10. Minimum number is 2.  Please bring a mask.  In order to register,  you must email Steve Oltman at  You can register for a class up to 7 days in advance, and prior to 24 hours in advance.  If we reach our maximum limit, a waiting list will be created.  If too few students register, we will cancel the class.  This decision will be made up to 24 hours prior to scheduled class.  If you decide to cancel a registration, you must give at least 24 hours notice so that waiting list participants can be contacted.  If you do not give 24 hour notice, you may not be allowed to participate in the next session.  Again, registrations will NOT be accepted more than 7 days in advance.


If you do not register, you will not be permitted to participate in the class.  Please remember to register at least 24 hours in advance.


Session Times (All One Hour in Length)


Wednesday Night's:  6:15 p.m to 7:15 p.m.

Saturday Morning's:  10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.


Where to meet:  You will meet your instructor on the deck at Waltz Golf Farm.  Just walk through the clubhouse, past the snack bar and out onto the deck.  Your instructor will meet you there.


What happens if the weather looks bad?  Steve will email all registered participants at least one hour prior to the session. If you don't get an email, the session will be conducted.


What happens if not enough students register?  Class will be cancelled and if anyone registered, they will be contacted.  Remember, we only need 2 students to hold the class, so please register.


What happens if we reach our max limit for the class?  A waiting list will be created for each class if we reach our max limit for that class.  Students on the wait list will be contacted if anyone needs to withdraw from the class.


What are we doing for the people on the wait list?  To help get everyone started in their learning process, we are conducting 1/2 hour sessions after the regular session for all people on the wait list.  Students must still confirm their desire to participate by emailing Steve.  Wait list sessions will only be conducted if there are 4 or more students on that wait list confirming for that session.  Email Steve for more info and any questions.


2021 Schedule

May 5th, Wednesday:  Full Swing, FULL, email to get on Wait List
        8th, Saturday:       Full Swing  FULL, email to get on Wait List
        12th, Wednesday:  Full Swing FULL, email to get on Wait List
        15th, Saturday:     Full Swing
        19th, Wednesday:  Chipping FULL, email to get on Wait List
        22nd, Saturday:     Putting  
        26th, Wednesday:  Putting CANCELLED, RAIN
        29th, Saturday:      Chipping CANCELLED, RAIN




June 2nd, Wednesday:  Full Swing  FULL, email to get on wait list

         5th, Saturday:       Full Swing  FULL, email to get on wait list
         9th, Wednesday:   Full Swing 
         12th: Saturday:     Full Swing
         16th:  Wednesday:  Chipping/CANCELLED
         19th:  Saturday:     Putting/CANCELLED
         23rd:  Wednesday:  Putting
         26th:  Saturday:     Chipping
         30th:  Wednesday:  Full Swing
July -  3rd:  No Classes due to holiday weekend
          7th:  Wednesday:  Full Swing
        10th:  Saturday:  Full Swing
        14th:  Wednesday:  Full Swing 
        17th:  Saturday:  Full Swing
        21st:  Wednesday:  Chipping
        24th:  Saturday:  Chipping
        28th:  Wednesday:  Full Swing
        31st:  Saturday:  Full Swing
Due to the popularity of the clinics, we have decided to add dates to our schedule in August/September.  Please note the dates and days that we have added below.  Most are on Monday evenings with one Tuesday evening.  Thanks for your support!
Aug -  2nd, Monday: Full Swing
           4th, Wednesday:  Full Swing
          7th, Saturday:       Full Swing
          9th, Monday: Full Swing
          11th, Wednesday:  Full Swing
          14th, Saturday:    Full Swing
           16th, Monday:  Putting
          18th, Wednesday:  Putting
          21st, Saturday:     Putting
          23rd, Monday:   Full Swing
          25th, Wednesday:  Full Swing
          28th, Saturday:      Full Swing
          30th, Monday:    Full Swing
Sept. - 1st, Wednesday:   Full Swing
            4th, Saturday:       Full Swing
            7th, Tuesday:        Putting/Chipping
            8th, Wednesday:   Putting/Chipping
           11th, Satuday:        Putting/Chipping
If any session needs to be cancelled due to weather issues or for any other reason, Steve Oltman will send out an email at least one hour prior to the start of the lesson.  If no email is sent out, the clinic will be held as scheduled.  Thanks!





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